ICASuD 2023 Main Theme and Objectives

The main theme for ICASuD 2023 is “Shifting Africa into a Production and Industrialized Economy amid Global Socio-economic Disruptions”.

An economic growth objective of an organization, country, or region implies that such an institution seeks to improve its short and long-term economic performance. Such a growth objective may be implemented across its present sectoral scope of operations, or by an extension, through diversification, into new sectoral frontiers. Yet, institutions seeking economic shifts, are subjected to a “shaking-up” of their economic scope of operations through some measure of innovation. Thus, a shift of African economies from consumption to production means a comprehensive refocusing of strategic economic engagements and the ways of economic engagements and decision-making across its critical sectors.

Without a doubt, the present condition of Africa’s economy is in an earnest and urgent need of a refocusing to production and industrialization. Being the second largest region in terms of population (1,340,598,147), and having the largest regional economic integration since the implementation of the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Africa needs to contribute beyond its present 2.84% to global GDP.
Although, arguments exist about the hindering role of the many surrounding challenges, for example poor governance systems, teeming youth population, cross-border disputes, healthrelated disruptions and heightened unemployment, as major contributors to Africa’s poor economic performance. However, Africa must brazen to the realization of the impending roles of uncertainties as the global economic challenge which every region and economy is confronting and striving to manoeuvre through innovative means.

Therefore, ICASuD’s 3rd annual international conference, calls for research contributions on how businesses, organizations, and policy makers in Africa can shift Africa into a production and industrialized economy amid global socio-economic disruptions.