The Conference sub-themes will address the following topics, namely:

• Economic Governance
• Debt Resolution
• Industrialization and Supply Chain Integration
• Socio-economic Interventions and Policy Responses
• Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Recovery
• Consumption and Investment
• Global Trade
• Post-Covid-19 Pandemic Realities
• Structural and Macro-economic Reforms
• Monetary and Fiscal Policies for Growth
• Economic Growth and Rapid Urbanization
• Sustainable and Inclusive Economic Recovery
• Climate Change and Vulnerability
• Indigenization of Knowledge and Learning for Economic Buoyancy
• Resilient Infrastructure to Drive Sustainable and Inclusive Development
• Conversion of Natural Resources
• Institutional and Legal Frameworks for Africa’s Sustainable Development
• Labour Productivity in Africa
• Global Relations and Disruptions
• Technology and Innovation for Sustainable Development

We welcome submissions that address these sub-themes and topics. Submissions that are relevant to the sustainable development of Africa’s management and institutions are also welcome.